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October 6, 2011 - Kristy MacKaben
In a sea of green happy faces, what did I spy yesterday on Julie's kindergarten behavior chart? The chart is attached to a folder Julie brings home every night, and I have kind of half glanced at the chart every night, considering she has always earned green smiley faces since the beginning of school. But, yesterday there it was. Bright as a golden sun. A yellow straight face! Yikes! What crime had Julie committed to earn such a blotch on her green smiley face record? I know it wasn't as terrible as a red sad face, but still...something must have happened for Julie to come home with yellow, and not green. Of course Julie was upset when we asked her about it and admitted she was talking too much. So, I sent in a note to the teacher just in case there was a real issue there that needed to be addressed. (I know I'm so obviously a newbie mom of a kindergartener. It's probably no big deal, right?) I half expected a little note back saying something along the lines of "Don't worry about it. Julie is usually a perfect angel." Much to my surprise, the phone rang around lunchtime. It was Julie's teacher calling on a break to talk to me. As suspected, Julie's infraction was pretty minor: just a day full of chattiness, resulting in some seat changes which seemed to fix the problem. After getting to the bottom of the "mysterious yellow face", Julie's teacher talked with me for about a half hour about everything going on in the classroom, and filled me in on fun activities and the personalities of the kids in class. (She said they have a great class and they all seem to get along.) Though the purpose of the phone call wasn't for a good reason, I got off the phone with a great feeling. Julie's teacher sincerely cares about her students and is determined to make this a great first year. There will undoubtedly be more yellow faces (hopefully not red faces), and I'm OK with that. It's just nice to know the teacher is on our side.


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