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Soccer fam?

October 9, 2011 - Kristy MacKaben
My sister and I could not be found anywhere near the soccer field when we were little. I'm not even sure I was familiar with the word "soccer" at 6 years old. It's not that my parents were anti-sports, it's just they preferred our weekends to be spent doing family outings and trips, instead of scoring goals. That's why it's a little foreign to me to be a "soccer mom." I know Julie is only 6 and they are hardly playing hard core real soccer, but I find myself really looking forward to going to the games on Saturdays. I have to admit I was pretty over the top excited when Julie scored her first two goals the other weekend. This season is a complete reversal from last season, when the most Julie did on the soccer field (besides cry) was wave to us, pick flowers or score a goal on an entirely different field. It's just pretty fun to see our little girl finally enjoying sports. Do Scott and I cheer a little too loud? Probably. We have probably broken a couple rules too by shouting directions to her from the sidelines. I just happened to be reading an AYSO magazine the other day, and apparently you're not supposed to do that. That's for the coaches. Oops. Nothing can be worse than what my mom did at the first game. Even though she probably threw away every rec league pamphlet that came her way when we were little, she sure has turned herself into a rowdy soccer grandma. During one of the very first games, the other team scored a goal and my mother screamed "NOOOOOO!" at the top of her lungs. This is a league with children six and under we're talking about here. I think my mom probably understood afterwards that her outburst wasn't demonstrating the best sporstmanlike conduct. But, I can understand her enthusiasm. It's so fun to watch kids and grandkids play organized sports, especially when they really start to understand the game and enjoy it. Julie is not any Mia Hamm just yet, but we'll be there to cheer her on regardless.


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Julie about to score her first goal!