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Is it OK for teenagers to trick-or-treat?

October 24, 2011 - Kristy MacKaben
I grew up in a townhouse development in a Baltimore suburb, which was a trick-or-treater's paradise. Hundreds of houses all in one little area meant endless candy within walking distance. Kids would converge on our neighborhood by the vanload. When we were trick-or-treating we usually would only make it through one culdesac before we had to return home to dump our little pumpkins so we could carry more candy. The older kids were smart and carried around hefty trash bags. It was these older teenagers who really irked my parents. They showed up well after all the cute little kids had gone home. In our area, there weren't any Halloween curfews, so some of these kids continued to trick-or-treat almost until midnight, and sometimes would wreak havoc on the neighborhood. Usually dressed in their normal, everyday clothes, they held out their overflowing trash bags, barely murmuring a "trick-or-treat", and a "thank you" was basically out of the question. It wasn't really that my parents didn't like high schoolers trick-or-treating. It was basically just the attitude they didn't appreciate. When my sister and I were in high school, I think we trick-or-treated for a couple years until it became too uncool. As a parent, I don't really mind the high schoolers. Maybe it's just living in Altoona makes the difference, but most of the teenagers who come to our door on trick-or-treat night are dressed up in costumes and are usually pretty polite. Plus, once the clock says 8, it's lights out at the MacKaben house, and we never have trick-or-treaters knocking after that. I think it's fine for teenagers to trick-or-treat as long as they are respectful, polite, watch out for the little kids, and never go trick-or-treating unless they're in costume! What do you think? Is there a point when kids are too old to trick-or-treat? Take the poll below.


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