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Now that's nostalgia

October 25, 2011 - Kristy MacKaben
Scott and I have been getting a kick out of showing Julie some of the "classic" movies from the 80s. Saturday we watched the 1984 movie "Gremlins" and both Julie and Johnny were riveted. "Gremlins" isn't exactly educational viewing and some parents might question whether young kids should even watch a movie where vicious little green creatures shove an old lady out a window and string a dog up by Christmas lights. The scene where one gremlin was chopped up in a blender, and another one exploded in a microwave was admittedly pretty gross. But overall, the movies was kind of tame, and not a bad introduction to "scary" movies for Julie. (What we didn't predict was Johnny sitting and watching intently for the entire movie.) We fastforwarded through anything that could have been disturbing, like when Billy's girlfriend described how her dad, dressed as Santa, had gotten stuck in the chimney and died. We really didn't think the kids needed to hear that one. Other than that, the movie is actually pretty cheesy, and the kids were much more focused on the adorable Gizmo than on the creepy gremlins wreaking havoc on the town. Now, Julie has proclaimed that all she wants for Christmas is Gizmo. She even wrote a note to Santa. And, when we were at Barnes and Noble the other day, Julie was frantically looking for a book about Gizmo until I explained that she probably wouldn't find one. That has Scott and I thinking back to our childhoods when I loved my little Gizmo doll and Scott had the nasty old Stripe doll. Sharing a slice of our childhood with the kids is fun, even if it's a little silly and pointless.


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