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My little scaredy cats

January 9, 2012 - Kristy MacKaben
There must be something in the water in our house, or maybe we coddle our kids too much, but they both have such irrational fears sometimes. Actually Julie has gotten a lot better, but she spent the first five years of her life terrified of anything new or different. Johnny seems to be going through one of those phases. The other night he started panicking while I read him the book "Llama llama Red Pajama." "Mommy take it away. It's too scary," Johnny screamed, burying his face in the pillow. If you're a mom or dad, you are probably familiar with that book. Does it seem scary to you at all? I guess the one page where the little llama is screaming for his mama with his mouth wide open could be a little disturbing. Then, there was the dreaded "pink toy" Uncle Todd and Aunt Melinda gave Julie for Christmas. It's this goofy pink alien with one eye who spontaneously talks when you walk by it (after you record a message). I thought Johnny would love that thing, so I recorded "Hello Johnny." The first time the alien spoke, Johnny flipped out. I have never seen such pure terror in the eyes of a toddler. He screamed, ran towards me, buried his head in my neck and dug his little nails into my arms, begging me to go upstairs. Two weeks later, and he's still so petrified of that silly toy that it can't be in the same room as Johnny. Johnny's latest fear is sleeping in his own room. When Scott's mom was visiting from California over Christmas she slept in Johnny's room, and Johnny slept on the bottom bunk in Julie's room. Well, both kids became too accostumed to that setup. Johnny refuses to sleep in his own bed, saying he's scared. "I want Juwee!!" Johnny tells me adamantly every night before bed. I have to admit it's a little cute that he wants his big sister to protect him. Even sweeter yet, Julie always says "Alright Johnny. It's OK. Come in here." They may be my little scaredy cats, but you can't help but love them.


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