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No excuse not to say thank you

January 10, 2012 - Kristy MacKaben
Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I really think there's no substitute for the hand-written thank you note. I was forced to write them as a kid, and as an adult I always send thank you notes. It's actually kind of a pet peeve of mine when someone fails to send a thank you note...especially if the person wasn't able to thank you in person. As a parent, I make sure my kids always send some type of thank you to everyone who gives them gifts or does something nice for them. It's actually gotten a little harder as Julie gets older because I have to set aside a big chunk of time for her to write the notes herself. If she's in the right mindset, she loves writing thank you notes and does a great job. She wrote a thank you note to her aunt and uncle the other day entirely by herself. Some of the words were misspelled and I'm not sure whether they will be able to understand the note entirely, but I was so proud of her. Other times it's a struggle to have her sit down and write two words. But, it's worth it in the end. I really want Julie and Johnny to appreciate their gifts. On Christmas morning, we almost had buyer's remorse. Staring at the mounds of presents, I couldn't help but think we were turning our kiddos into spoiled monsters. That's why I think our tradition of opening each present one by one and thanking the gift giver is essential. And, thank you notes are a must. Johnny's little and he obviously can't write his own thank you notes, but I still talk with him about who gave him presents. For Julie there's no excuse not to write thank you notes. Family and friends and whoever gave our kids presents, your thank you notes are coming. They might be a little late or hard to read, but we want you to know we appreciate you!


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