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Miss Manners? Not Quite.

February 7, 2012 - Kristy MacKaben
Did you ever have one of those moments where you wonder "how did my kid get so rude?" That was me the other day, wanting to crawl under the table at a birthday party. I don't know where Julie gets the audacity sometimes to say the rudest things. I don't think she was trying to hurt anyone's feelings, but it was still beyond embarrassing. We were at a small birthday party for a little girl. The only guests were Julie and another little friend, and of course Johnny tagged along. Apparently Julie was expecting some birthday blowout, because she had an attitude from the get-go. "When is the party going to start?" Julie asked, almost a half hour into the party, which had obviously already started. "Where is everyone else?" Then, after gobbling cake and ice cream, came the questions about more food. "Where's the pizza? What kind of party is this?" She was laughing and being silly when she said it, but it was just beyond rude, and I was literally at a loss. Obviously we have spoiled her with her birthday extravaganzas, and somehow made her think every party is supposed to have a dozen kids, and a full meal. I tried to calmly re-direct her, but I really think I handled the situation poorly. I should have probably pulled her aside, and made her apologize to the birthday girl. Instead, I waited to talk to her until we had left the party. I, then, emailed the mom, a good friend, to apologize. Luckily, the birthday girl didn't seem to care, and the mom is more than understanding. It just makes me feel bad when my kids act in a less than gracious or kind way. It makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong as a mom, like somehow I've skipped over teaching manners and character. Obviously there are plenty of moments where I'm proud of my little girl's kind heart, but then there are moments like these, where I feel like I've failed. So, what would you have done in that scenario? Give me some advice for the next time something like this happens. Or better yet, how can I make it never happen again?


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