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A little cooperation please?

March 15, 2012 - Kristy MacKaben
There's no mystery why mornings are so chaotic in our house. When you have one kid who insists on doing everything himself, and another child who won't do anything herself, it's a perfect storm. This morning was a prettty typical..which is why we almost missed the bus. Julie spent close to 20 minutes crying and whining about zipping her spring jacket...a jacket she has zipped on her own dozens of times. I refused to cave and zip up the jacket. She's six. She needs to zip her own jacket. She's capable of zipping the darn jacket. Meanwhile, Johnny spent the same 20 minutes adamantly insisting he zip his jacket by himself. He's 2. This is not a skill he has mastered, and darn it we are late for the bus, so let me zip it! He runs circles around me, trying and trying to zip his own jacket to no avail. All the while, Julie is flailing on the ground, moaning because I won't help her. She finally, dramatically zips her jacket, looks at Johnny and says matter-of-factly "Johnny. Just zip your jacket. It's easy peasy. Lemon squeezey." Ugh!! Seriously? So, the child that just spent close to a half hour crying that she couldn't zip her own jacket, patiently and lovingly helped Johnny zip his jacket. And, the two year old who seconds before, had refused to let me help him, gave in to his big sister. They were both zipped and out the door we went. And we didn't miss the bus.


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