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Sweet rewards

April 4, 2012 - Kristy MacKaben
The one and only trophy I won as a kid (well not really won...more aquired) came not from a sports team, but from my dad. See, I was pretty much the most unathletic kid on the block. Chubby, short and lacking self-confidence, I didn't play one recreational sport as a young kid. In high school, I got cut from the volleyball team three times. That was even after I had sucked up my pride and served as team manager for a season. I got hit in the mouth with a lacrosse ball, and I was always in last place in cross country. No. Sports never came easily to me, so my dad had to fix that. One day I came home from school and sitting on my book shelf was a humongous gleaming trophy---gold no less. Engraved in fancy, bold print was "An all around great girl." I smiled, cried, blushed, felt kind of silly, but also kind of happy that I finally had a trophy, even though it was just for being the daughter of the proudest father in the world. So, that's why I don't feel a bit of shame for paying 20 bucks for a gold medal for Julie. On St. Patrick's Day, she ran a one mile race in Newry. She "won" the race, but I do have to mention that everyone else "walked" in the event. Technicalities aside, she crossed the finish line first. Because she was entered in the one mile walk, and not the real 5K race, she didn't exactly win a medal. But, being the helicopter parents that we are, we thought Julie deserved a medal for her efforts. I contacted the race organizers, who were absolutely wonderful, and they dropped a gold medal off at our house. For their kindness, I'm making a donation to St. Patrick's Church. Julie's grin while sporting her gold medal was worth the price, even though we might be creating a monster who thinks winning is everything. But..that's for another blog.


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