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My little writer

April 15, 2012 - Kristy MacKaben
For how dramatic and frustrating Julie can be, I have to brag that our little girl knows how to entertain herself. When there's downtime, she usually has no issues finding something to do...whether it's playing with stuffed animals or dolls, or getting lost in her artwork. We spent most of today outside riding bikes, running, flying kites and playing at the playground. There were about two hours of downtime while Johnny napped, I tried to get work done and Scott played with his new toy---the iPad 4. A lot of kids might have become entrenched in video games or begged to watch movies or T.V. We didn't hear a peep from Julie. I even asked if she wanted to come with me to the craft store to pick out supplies for a school art project. "I'm busy writing my story. I really need to finish," she told me. Obviously this couldn't have made me happier as I watched her write 10 notebook pages filled with a story about Julie and her friends having sleepovers and playdates. The words ran together and the punctuation was lacking, but it was all hers and she was proud. Of course I could totally relate to wanting to finish a "masterpiece" and not wanting to be interrupted. When I was her age, I spent hours doing the same thing. While all the other neighborhood kids played tag or rode bikes around our court, I was inside the house reading books or writing stories. I don't really want Julie to follow in my footsteps because I wasn't the most wellrounded kid. (I could have used a little more sports exposure.) But, I can't really complain when she's engrossed in story-writing all afternoon.


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