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Baths no more

April 17, 2012 - Kristy MacKaben
I couldn't help it. The pitter-patter of the shower made me almost cry tonight. Who gets sad about a shower, right? Well, when your little girl is taking a shower for the first time instead of a bath, that's downright depressing. It's all my fault really. I'm the one who casually mentioned that other kids Julie's age take showers, not baths, and that she should probably start taking showers when she turns 7. That night I was probably annoyed at the wet mayhem Julie and Johnny usually caused at bathtime. But, standing outside that shower tonight, I kind of missed the giggles and brother and sister splash fights, even though there were always huge puddles on the floor after bathtime. And, Johnny doesn't quite know what to do without his bath buddy. He really did cry real tears tonight during bathtime. "Where's Juwee?? Why isn't she coming? I want Juwee!!" Even after listening to his cries, my big girl didn't cave. She wanted to start taking showers, and she was "never ever" taking a bath again. A shower also means independence. When Julie was a baby, my favorite part of the day was bathtime. If she was fussy or tired or I was bored, I would just give her a bath, and it changed both our moods. She loved kicking and splashing in the water, and I loved her sweet smell after the bath. Bundling her into one of those pink, hooded towels shaped like some sort of farm animal, was the highlight of my day. Even as a small toddler, I loved singing and playing with her while she was in the bath. She learned a lot from those foam letters and numbers that stick to the side of the tub, and we got a kick out of the bath paint, though it always made a huge mess. Oh. How bathtime has changed. These days it's probably my least favorite part of the day. Our days are so busy, and the kids never want to stop playing to get a bath, so it's always a struggle. Then, once they're in there, they have too much fun and don't want to get out. So, maybe that's why I put the bug in Julie's ear about the greatness of showers. They're easier, faster and I don't have to help too much. Little did I know how much I would miss helping, and I know this is only a precursor of years to come when I'm no longer needed to check over homework or help sound out big words or tuck them in at night. How many times have I been told "Don't rush these years." Yet, I rush them along, always looking forward to the next better, easier, more fun phase of life with kids.


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