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3 is the new 2

April 23, 2012 - Kristy MacKaben
Whoever coined the term "terrible twos" most likely had never met a 3-year-old. Three is by far one of the worst ages. Obviously this is coming from a mom who doesn't have a child older than 6, so I might be checking back in during the tween or teen years. I have absolutely no problem with two-year-olds. They're active, unpredictable and don't listen very well, but they make up for all that in cuteness and innocence. Once kids near the age of 3, they become infinitely less likable. They're stubborn, demanding, unpredictable and listen about as poorly as toddlers. The major difference at 3 is they should know better. Everyone expects more of a three-year-old because those little stinkers know exactly what they're doing, and they do it for a reason. With Julie it was the whining, crying and tantrums. Johnny has been three for exactly four days, and he is trying us all. With Johnny it's the not listening. He darts away from us so fast, and it's next to impossible to bring him willfully back to where he should be. He also has complete control over the potty situation, but just chooses to go or not go based on his mindset that day. Talk about frustrating! When he's being completely goofy and silly, forget about it! There's almost no re-directing him to do the right thing. Three is the age everyone else in the world expects your child to start behaving. Ironically, it's also the age where little ones feel the irresistable urge to assert their independence, not caring about repurcussions. So far, three has not been a picnic. They're lucky they're so darn cute...and entertaining!


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