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A peaceful shopping trip

May 7, 2012 - Kristy MacKaben
I seriously have to give a shout out to Giant Eagle here. A play area where someone watches your kids while you shop? What geniuses! No whining, throwing of food or other grocery products. Just a nice leisurely stoll through the store picking out items I need and want at my own pace. What a relaxing, peaceful experience!! Every grocery store, mall, hair salon, flower shop, bank, etc. should emulate this model. Everywhere moms and dads do business there should be a childcare center. I will give you a taste of a typical shopping trip before we started visiting the childcare room: Walking into the entrance with Johnny dragging my hand and Julie in her own world 30 steps behind: Johnny: "Mommy I want to sit in the car." Me: "OK, but you have to sit in the car. You can't get out." Johnny: "OK" Julie: "I want to sit in the car too." Me: "You're too big." Julie: "I'm fine." Two seconds later while I am hastily throwing oranges in the cart. Me: "Johnny, get back in the cart!" Johnny: "But I want to see the tomatoes." Me: "Get back in the cart." Julie: (Dancing in front of the strawberries, while singing a song about strawberries and princesses) Johnny: (Running circles around the produce, laughing, skipping and singing) Me: "Alright Johnny. You have to sit in the baby part of the cart. And, Julie, you have to walk right next to me." Johnny: "NO!!" Julie: "Boring." And, as you can guess the rest of the shopping trip continues with a whiny Johnny, a pouty Julie and a frazzled mom racing through the store throwing items in the cart. Not a great scenario. But, ever since we discovered the kid's room at Giant Eagle, shopping has been a dream. (We had to wait until Johnny turned 3.) I shop, they play and we're all happy.


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