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Happy Mother's Day!

May 13, 2012 - Kristy MacKaben
One Mother's Day I asked my mom the most obnoxious question: "Why isn't there a Kids' Day? There should really be a Kids' Day." Slightly stunned and annoyed, but mildy amused, my mom responded "Well...every day is Kids' Day." Back then, I thought the response was lame. As a mom of two I think good ole' mom was exactly right. Every day is seriously Kids' least in our house. Julie and Johnny pretty much expect a fun-filled weekend every weekend. When Thursday rolls around Julie inevitably starts asking "What are we doing this weekend? Where are we going that's fun?" Even Mother's Day is somewhat Kids' Day-ish. Everything we did this weekend involved something fun for the kids, whether it was a picnic on the beach at Rocky Gap State Park, roasting marshmellows in the firepit or a trip to the ice cream shop this afternoon. Our kids really do have it good and they don't even know it. I guess that's the way it's supposed to be. Growing up we didn't have the fanciest house or cars, but every summer we would take these long, exciting vacations in our RV. It was something we just came to expect each summer, and sometimes my sister and I even wished we could stay at a hotel instead. Looking back on those years, we made such memories camping up and down the East Coast. I wouldn't give up those times for anything. We were kids living constant Kids' Days. Everything our parents did they did for us. I think that's a natural response and way of living when you have kids. It's not that you're giving up who you are, but your enjoyment stems from having fun with your kids and making great memories. So, no I didn't quite get to sleep in this morning. But, I did enjoy breakfast in bed courtesy of Julie and Scott...who made a delicious bowl of yogurt with fresh fruit and a mound of whipped cream. (Julie wanted to smother it in chocolate syrup, but Scott talked her out of that idea.) And, yes Scott and I spent the day chasing after our crazy kids, who started the day off great, but of course had a couple meltdowns along the way. Regaradless, I felt greatly loved by everyone, and every year I appreciate my own mom a little more. Happy Mother's Day Everyone!


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