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Is Halloween really about the kids?

October 31, 2012 - Kristy MacKaben
I know Halloween is supposedly all about the kids, but let's be frank. Halloween is a teensy little bit about adults trying to show their creativity too. I know I'm not the only mom out there who ponders for months about Halloween costumes. That second grader who came to my door tonight dressed as a Rubix Cube made from a cardboard box did not think of that ingenious idea. Everyone says Halloween is about kids expressing their ideas and whatnot, but don't tell me I chose to dress as a pilgrim at five years old. I probably barely knew what a pilgrim was, and if I did, I sure as heck wasn't excited about wearing a black dress with a white bonnet. So, please don't make me feel bad that I completely nixed my kids' ideas for Halloween costumes. Just hear me out. When we first started talking costumes in late August, Julie wanted to be a ghost and Johnny wanted to be a pumpkin. Come on! A ghost and a pumpkin? How generic Halloween can you get? (Apologies to anyone whose kids dressed as ghosts and pumpkins this year.) But, really. You've got to think outside the box a little bit kids. I love dressing my kids in pairs, so I initially went along with Julie's ghost idea, and thought maybe Johnny could be a ghost buster. (He's pretty easy to convince.) That would be cute and funny. But, then I remembered Scott's awesome Pillsbury Dough Boy costume from our pre-kids years and I knew Johnny could totally pull that off. White sweatsuit, chef's hat, and improvise the rest. What better to go along with Pillsbury than a life-size chocolate chip cookie? I scoured the internet and found an adorable costume for Julie. And the kids were totally on board. They loved the idea and were excited about Halloween....though I did hear Julie mutter this morning, "Next year, I'm definitely being a ghost."


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