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Like Brother Like Sister

January 13, 2013 - Kristy MacKaben
It's funny how older children often set the path for their younger siblings. It was like that for Kelly and me. She was five years younger and it seemed she was always trying to play catch-up. I started playing the flute in fourth grade. Kelly was fascinated. I showed her how to blow over the top of the opening of the flute, instead of into it, and I helped her hold it and showed her where to put her hands. By the time she was in fourth grade, the flute was the obvious choice for her. In high school, I was determined to play volleyball. I went to volleyball summer camp, bumped around in the backyard with my best high school friend, and tried out for the high school team. Three times. I was cut every darn time, but for some reason that didn't dampen my passion for the sport. When Kelly was old enough, she decided volleyball was her sport too. We spent hours bumping back and forth and I tried to teach her what I knew (even though I pretty much stunk at the sport.) Freshman year rolled around for Kelly and she easily made the junior varsity volleyball team at her high school. I was ecstatic that she was able to actually play the sport we loved. That's how it was with us growing up, and sometimes I wonder if Julie and Johnny will be the same. Julie has finally found her niche in swimming. She is natural swimmer, and she really loves it. Johnny asked if he could swim too, and his first lesson was yesterday. While Julie swam probably 35 laps with different strokes, Johnny spent his time in the shallow warm pool walking out to fetch rubber ducks. But, he was so proud he was a "swimmer" too. Same goes for piano. Santa gave Julie a keyboard and she asked to take lessons. (This shocked us since Julie never asks to take lessons for anything!) She has only taken a couple lessons, but she is doing great so far. Now Johnny wants to be a pianist. He was so upset on Friday when we dropped off Julie for lessons and he couldn't stay and learn too. Sometimes Julie asks "Why does Johnny want to do everything I do?" The simple answer I give is "He just loves you."


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