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Girl Drama=Mom drama

January 15, 2013 - Kristy MacKaben
Raise your hand if you care who your kid sits next to on the bus. You can't see me, but my hand is not in the air. I never experienced girl drama in Altoona, (though I know it exists), but there has been plenty here in Chicagoland. We moved into a neighborhood where there were two first grade girls who were "best friends." Enter Julie, the new girl, also in first grade. As you can imagine, there is girl drama. Both girls want to be Julie's friend, which it seems, has kind of torn the other girls apart. I could say I feel bad. I would be lying. The girls are 6 and 7. They will hash out their issues, and their friendships will ebb and flow. It's not that I don't care about Julie's social life. I do. I want to know all about it. But, I should not be a part of her everyday social issues. Apparently, some moms around here don't feel the same. They write letters to the bus driver because their kid wants to change seats. They complain to other moms because their child feels left out. I say "Get over it!" Life happens and it's not always peachy. That might sound completely heartless, but I feel like our kids have to deal with the hand they're dealt. They need to learn to sort out their problems, and in the end, hopefully that will make them stronger people. What I truly want for Julie is to be a kind, caring, compassionate and confident person. I want her to stick up for herself when necessary, and have the gumption to say no and to disagree. If I'm always there to intervene, how will she become her own person? Sometimes it's excruciating to let go, and look on as your child is going through a difficult time. It's these moments, however, that shape children and make them the person they are supposed to become.


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