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Shhhh. My team won the Super Bowl...

February 11, 2013 - Kristy MacKaben
For Scott and I, watching our two favorite football teams play each other in the Super Bowl was a dream come true. It was surreal to be in the stadium in New Orleans watching the Ravens and 49ers fight it out. It was all in good fun, however, until one team lost, and the other team won. We knew it would happen, and we even joked about taking separate flights home from New Orleans after the Super Bowl. But, my football-obsessed guy is still bummed about the 49ers losing. The night the Ravens won, Scott was a good sport. He stayed and watched as the Ravens players made "snow angels" in the confetti, he watched glumly as Joe Flacco was named MVP, and he congratulated our Baltimore friends on the win. He even agreed to go out that night for a little, and we all had a good time. I know he was sad his team lost, but it didn't ruin our trip one bit. He did joke that "five little yards" could have made the trip to New Orleans even better. When we got back from New Orleans, however, Scott wanted to hear nothing about football. He shunned ESPN and sports talk radio, and refused to read any newspaper or magazine articles about the triumphant Ravens. He even says he can't root for the Ravens anymore, even though they were formerly his second favorite team. I know he's partly just being silly and teasing me, but I think his heart broke just a little when his team didn't win. So, I've been treading lightly with the celebration. I have to admit my parents were good about it too. We saved our celebration for when Scott was out of earshot. Then we watched the Baltimore Ravens parade and talked about saying goodbye to Ray Lewis, and how we were glad Flacco was the MVP. Now that my parents are gone I don't have anyone to talk to about the Super Bowl win. It's so hard because I want to shout my Ravens love from the rooftops! I want to wear purple every day, and hang Super Bowl 47 posters all around the house. I want to watch the Super Bowl all over again and analyze every play. But, I can't. Sigh. We really are star-crossed lovers these days. Onto basketball and golf I guess. Blah.


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