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Easter Baskets

March 20, 2016 - Rachel Seiler
Easter is Sunday and I have to say I haven't thought about getting my daughter anything but an Easter dress for Sunday service. Today at dinner with my family, they were talking about gift ideas for their kids. I'm talking SERIOUS gifts! Like a gift worth wrapping! And not just gifts for their kids, but for their nieces and nephews as well! When I was growing up, we got an Easter outfit and an Easter basket full of goodies. Now, granted, some of these goodies were small toys, but candy and all fit neatly inside our baskets. When did Easter turn into such a gift-giving holiday? Am I really supposed to be out looking for that perfect Easter gift? Is this the new norm? Sometimes I find that traditions like this are just differences in where you were raised. I was raised in the South where you have black-eye-peas, rice, and chow chow for New Year's Eve when in the North, you have pork and sauerkraut. Could this be an Easter tradition I missed out on my whole childhood?! Honestly though, I really don't want my daughter to be expecting extravagant gifts for every holiday. I want her to remember Easter as a time when we get together with family, fight over hidden Easter eggs, eat ham covered in pineapple rings, and stuff ourselves with delicious cookies. Not as another time for her to hold her hands for gifts. Is it horrible that I think I'll be turning her into a spoiled brat if I fall into this gift-giving trap?! I have to admit, before I became Mom, I was the best gift-giving aunt a kid could ask for. I didn't care if I was spoiling these kids! My goal was to be the "Favorite Aunt" HAHA! Funny how things change. Now all I want is to be a good parent and raise a respectful, smart, outgoing, beautiful little girl. Just think back to when we were kids, how overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation we were when our birthday or Christmas rolled around. I want this for my daughter. At least, this is my plan 11 months in....


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