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Thanking a Modern Day Father

June 19, 2016 - Rachel Seiler
"I decided when my wife got pregnant that I was going to help out as much as I could. We both work so I didn’t think it was fair to leave all responsibilities up to her. It was hard to help in the beginning when it came to feeding time, but I didn’t shy away from changing dirty diapers, bathes, washing bottles, or rocking her to sleep. She’s as much my responsibility as she is her mothers", said the best husband in the world....mine!

This has been the trend with more fathers as the traditional roles of mothers from 10 to 20 years ago have dramatically changed. More mothers have careers and have become the breadwinners of the family. Fathers are now taking on more of the caregiver role versus being the traditional disciplinarian. There are even studies showing a connection between a fathers involvement from birth to kindergarten and the child's development. These studies suggest children with fathers that take on an active role in raising them have a higher I.Q., do better in school and have a better sense of humor. Our daughter is proof of that!

This Father's Day I want to thank my husband for taking an active role in fathering our daughter. I know he thinks it's silly to thank him for something he feels he should naturally do. I just wish he knew how much it means to me to when I see him loving, laughing with, and teaching our daughter. He's a great dad.


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