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Random Notes

July 11, 2016 - Jen Zbozny
No, I mean it. These are random mom notes from my recent days and moments. Sometimes as humans and especially mamas, we think in only sentences, not paragraphs. Sometimes only half-sentences, or even nouns. Like "ballet shoes". As often as I try to teach Eve to slow it down, think through it, complete the thought, the project, the idea, I have my days where "ballet shoes" is my maximal functioning capacity. Today is a partial "ballet shoes" kind of day, but I'll share it just because I know I'm not the only mama out there like this. If you ever found yourself downgrading you because it was this kind of day, don't. Your pistons are still firing, and you'll get to paragraphs and complete sentences another day.

Here goes.

1. Facebook. It can be dangerous and a time sucker. People say it causes people to think negatively about themselves. I get it. I understand. I also know that especially for mamas with really little babies, facebook (or your flavor of social media with friends) can be a lifeline. When you're isolated from sleep deprivation and baby-minding head-fog, social media can provide you with an outlet. A way to let others know you're still out there. A way for others to send you love, encouragement, humor - without you having to clean your house, get out of your sweats, or stress over when you'll be able to shower that sweet potato out of your hair. Social media. Use it wisely.

2. The North Pole. Way up there at the top of the world. I went there. That's a crazy thought to even think let alone grasp that it was real. I can't wait to tell you about it but all I've got today is this - think outside your comfort zone. I don't know how that region was off my radar but it was a game changer. Note well, I went to Iceland in the summer during the period where the sun never sets. Not cold people, lovely. Amazing. More soon. Plus pictures.

3. Will someone please make an app that lets me predict when Eve's shoes won't fit? Am I the only person that has been caught up short by that?

4. Senseless loss of life in this country and in others. How do you even talk about it at all, let alone to children?

5. Postcards. Mail. Kids love that stuff. Idea: why not pick up a few postcards for yourself or for your kids. Get some stamps. Even if you're not traveling you can enjoy sending your kid a random note that says something like: I took the goofiest picture of you today. You had fudgcicle all over your face and it made you look like a cartoon. Your kids can send things to friends, relatives, themselves even. And if you're lucky you can walk to the post-office for the stamps. Cheap. Fun. Memory making.

That's all I have people. More and better soon, right?


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