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Mickey Monster!

September 2, 2016 - Rachel Seiler
“Mick-ay!, Mick-ay! DOG!” with finger pointing towards any cell phone within eyesight. And if you don’t deliver, be prepared for a crying tantrum!

A week ago, I couldn’t have told you what the “Hot Dog” song was, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or Toodles. Thanks to my Mother-in-law, now I do. She babysat my daughter, Quinn, Saturday morning while I was out running a charity race. They spent the morning watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. “OH! She Loves it!” my Mother-in-Law exclaimed! “She came running out from back with the toys when she heard the Hot Dog song come on!”,

“Really?!”, I think to myself, “How could she have become an instant fan in that short amount of time?” I had to see this for myself.

I pull up YouTube on my phone, did a quick search and to no surprise, I easily find a video of the Hot Dog song. But wait, this video is a 20 minute repeating video of the beloved 30 second song….and has been viewed over 12 million times! Score!

My husband walks in the door from work, “Oh, Andy, she likes the Hot Dog song, watch this when I play it for her on YouTube!” His response, “She likes WHAT song?!”

Adorable. She’s shaking her hips left and right, eyes glued to the screen! This is great! She loves it! We sit and dance and sing in the living room with YouTube streaming to the tv until bedtime. Then the hangover after the Mickey binge begins. I’ve unwillingly memorized every beat, every word (even the ones Donald says in his hard to understand ducky accent) to my daughters now favorite song. If I had to, I could even do each characters dance for you. I quickly decide it’s time to introduce her to something else. But Quinn’s obsession is holding fast. From the time she wakes up until she goes to bed, “Mick-ay!, Mick-ay! DOG!”

This week, while my Mom was babysitting Quinn and my sister’s daughter, Camilla, there was a total Mickey meltdown! Luckily, my sister got off work early and ran to my mother’s aid. She sped to Walmart and bought up all the Mickey Mouse DVD’s she could find and rushed back to my Mom’s house where the Mickey tantrum was in full swing! In Quinn’s frustration, she even bit Camilla!

We’ve created a Monster! I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to keep feeding the obsession, but I also don’t want to ban Mickey from our house either.

Maybe it will resolve itself, but if not, we’re going to practice the fine art of Distraction and Diversion until we can tame this Mickey beast.


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