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My Mom, the Baby Whisperer

January 8, 2017 - Rachel Seiler
This may be more appropriate for Mother’s Day, but why wait for a special occasion to share how amazing my mom is.

Recently, my daughter started biting. Maybe it's a phase, but this new unwanted behavior has only been directed towards me. Does this mean she hates me?! Completely heartbroken, I called my mom crying after my night ended with me nursing three battle wounds. She bites me so hard she breaks the skin. It's horrible, something must be done. What if she starts biting others like this! Immediately my mom calmed me down and assured me she'd help me figure out what was causing my sweet baby to turn vampire devil once I was within biting range. Could it be that she misses me? That she’s frustrated that I’ve left her all day? Could it be because she’s teething? Could it be because she’s tired? None of these seemed probable but I trusted mom could help me.

Let me tell you a little bit about my daughter. She’ll be two at the end of April. Though she be tiny, she is as headstrong as a viking. She knows exactly what she wants, demands attention, and is an expert negotiater with a vocabulary far beyond her year(s). She’s smart. There’s some reason why she bites me and my mom, seeing how upset it makes me, was ready to help figure it out. Yesterday after work, I stop by my mom’s to pick up my daughter and immediately noticed she already had her shoes on. Unusual as the pickup is usually a battle of getting shoes and coat on, tearful goodbyes and ultimately coaxing her to the car. It's quite the episode. But not tonight! My mom smiled with satisfaction after the smooth transition left me happily surprised. How did she do it?! She called me later that evening to see how things were going. Perfect! Quinn was being a perfect angel and she hasn't bit me since! I may never know my mom's secrets, maybe this mommy wisdom will come with time. All I can say is without my mom, I don't know what I'd do. Thank you mom for taking care of my baby girl day after day and still taking the time to take care of me, your baby girl. I love you.


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