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Yes You Can

November 7, 2017 - Jen Zbozny
When Eve was a toddler she would encounter things she found difficult or felt stubborn about. "I can't put all those books away, Mama, there's too many." "I can't fit all the blocks into the box like that." Toddler things. I'd respond, "we don't say can't, we say try." It's a lesson I've had to remind myself of lately. It's also one I want to share with busy parents everywhere. It's also a story about my couch.

There's no sense buying a new couch right now. There will be scores of kiddos in my house and on my couch. The number will increase since winter is arriving post haste. That means the pack of little humans will spend more time inside. Inside where they'll say they won't jump on or off the couch, but I will hear tell-tale couch jumping thumps. Inside where the holiday season demands popcorn which deserves its rightful place lodged impossibly in furniture. Inside where colds and sniffles will require blankets on the couch for movies and soup which will likely lose some of itself into the couch during the slurping process.

Yet my couch became a source of discomfort for me. A source of shame and annoyance. It had once been a lovely leather-covered, comfortable piece. Things wiped off of it easily. Its cushions came off easily for forts. Then its leather began to announce its wear. Children thought peeling pieces of leather off it was fun. I thought I could disguise it. I bought one of those stretchy slip covers that say "easy to put on", "washes well", "stylish!"

None of those things were true. The stretchy slip cover just became an icky, snaggy, thing that I fought with regularly and refused to come clean ever.

A decent couch is expensive. I need to spend money for a college fund right now instead of an impractical couch. I can't do anything about that couch, I thought. Then I remembered, "we dont' say can't..." and I looked at youtube!

Youtube told me it would take about 17 yards of fabric with which to reupholster my couch. I can't buy 17 yards of upholstery fabric, I thought. Then I remembered... and voila! I recalled that in my linen closet I had a set of six super long, dust green cotton velvet curtains from my old house! A fabric miracle.

Then Youtube gave me the confidence to unstaple the crummy leather from my couch (which was structurally perfect) and get out a staple gun! That, dear readers is how I got my "new" couch. It took several days and I had my moments of crankiness. I kept thinking "if it turns out poorly, it's no big deal since it was already crummy!" But it's NO LONGER CRUMMY! For a few dollars I even bought studs that I hammered into a few areas to give it some detailed accents.

The lesson of my couch was that "I could". When I've told others about what I did, many moms say "I could never do that" but you could. You can. Or at least you can always try.

And here, dear readers is proof positive. If I can try, you can too. Take a look at the before and after!


IMG_4560" >

After IMG_4597


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