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This Might Make You Crazy

November 9, 2017 - Jen Zbozny
Have we talked about Eve's being in not one but two plays at the moment? Somehow in the recent past Eve has become quiet the little performer. Like her mama, she doesn't want big, showy parts. She wants to enjoy being part of a production and wants to have fun playing a role. Over time she's grown to want bigger roles because it's more fun for her, but so far she doesn't show signs of becoming a diva. This is good. Eve and I are similar in this way. We enjoy artistic outlets, we love a good narrative, we can manage to pronounce words with feeling and truth behind them, and we don't stumble over syllables. We tend to remember props, cues, and blocking, too. That makes theater fun for us.

What we don't do so well is noisy, disorganized crowded spaces or gossipy drama. When Eve and I encounter that we are like hedgehogs. We tend to want to roll up in our little ball and hide in our hidey holes. Sometimes we can't always do that though.

That's part of why I taught Eve to knit. (This, dear reader, is the part that might make you crazy). If I have something creative to do, that allows me to focus and also shows me the progress of my work, I can manage in noisy, crowded, disorganized spaces. It can also let me focus on that project instead of engaging in any gossipy clucking or pot-stirring. When I realized Eve was encountering some similar situations at school, and that waiting in the green room felt a little loud and chaotic to her, I thought, "wait, what do i do in those situations?" Oh, I knit!

Thus I taught Eve one simple stitch and started her on a simple rectangle (that she could allow to become what she wished). Lo and behold, she loves it! Like me, she finds it creative, peaceful, fun, and productive. But here's the kicker. Now that she's begun taking her knitting with her, LOTS of other children have found it fascinating! It's some kind of magic. I went to rehearsal with her last night and ended up showing a 7 year old boy how to knit because he was fascinated! Eve showed two other girls too. So now, not only has knitting given Eve a source of peace and happiness, it's calming intrigue is spreading and giving Eve (who like me is actually quite shy at times) a way in to talking quietly with other kids and even grown up knitters!

Here's a really helpful video of how to start knitting for absolute beginners. It goes slowly, repeats itself, and has excellent close up video so you can see exactly what is going on.

And here's the thing, even if knitting isn't your thing, it might help one of your littles. I can share this with you too, one of the reasons I've taken to knitting is so Eve sees me doing things that make me happy that dont involve staring at a screen. Knitting and talking is a lovely way to engage with your children or even other grownups.

I hope I didn't drive you too crazy. Who knows, maybe if you get them knitting they can make all the Christmas gifts for you!


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