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Learning from the past: Debunking outdated parenting tips

January 15, 2018 Soccer practice. Dance recital. Doctor’s appointment. Today’s crazy family schedules often require parents to rely on grandma and grandpa to help care for little ones. more »»

Advice for parents

January 15, 2018 Signs children are doubting n Asking questions is the No. 1 sign children may be doubting the existence of Santa. more »»

Specialization, lack of dedication changing attitudes

January 15, 2018 Over the past few years I have noticed a trend occurring not only in our community but all over the country regarding participation in youth sports. more »»

A child's perspective on finding out and acceptance

January 15, 2018 I found out about Santa actually being my parents last year, Dec. 8, 2016. I guess I was pretty gullible considering that I didn’t find out until I was 11 and in fifth grad. more »»

Reading books can encourage cultural compassion

January 15, 2018 “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it. more »»

It's cold outside: How to keep your baby healthy, safe and warm this winter

January 15, 2018 It’s exciting to anticipate firsts for our babies —- first smiles, first tooth, first steps. more »»

Understanding dyxlexia: Language-based learning disability doesn't stop students

January 15, 2018 Cay Tressler recently earned a doctorate degree in biochemistry. Her fellow graduates were shocked to discover that Tressler has dyslexia — a language-based learning disability. more »»

Staying ahead of an ENT problem: Keep an eye on children's ear, nose and throat issues

January 15, 2018 The back of his throat was red and drinking a glass of water was painful and sore. Recurring ear infections caused his ears to throb and made it difficult for him to hea. more »»

Quick and easy dinner even for an expecting mom with toddler

January 15, 2018 Expecting my second baby in February has proven to be both exciting and exhausting. My first pregnancy wasn’t without its challenges; however, this time around seems much more difficul. more »»

Area woman promotes safe sleep practices after losing her daughter

January 15, 2018 On July 5, 2015, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lillianna. Like most new parents are, I was obsessed and so full of love for my new blue eyed baby gir. more »»

Frame your life

January 15, 2018 Get those pictures off your phone and into some creative frames Pedestal Frame Give your pics a lift with a candlestick holder What You Need: Candlestick holder Picture frame Hot glue Estimated... more »»

Talk to babies and let them babble back to bridge word gap

February 20, 2017 WASHINGTON — Even infants can have conversations with mom or dad. Their turn just tends to involve a smile or some gibberish instead of words. more »»

Brain changes seen in pregnancy may help moms prepare for baby

December 25, 2016 NEW YORK — Pregnancy affects not only a woman’s body: It changes parts of her brain too, a new study says. more »»

Donát cut the cord too fast; a pause benefits most newborns

December 22, 2016 WASHINGTON — Don't cut that umbilical cord too soon: A brief pause after birth could benefit most newborns by delivering them a surge of oxygen-rich blood. New recommendations for U.. more »»

Helping others: Children learn about the world and themselves through helping others

November 1, 2016 Lauren Lehman learned early that giving is sometimes better than receiving. more »»

Getting started

November 1, 2016 Listed are just a handful of local organizations that welcome children to volunteer or help out in some way; however, there are many more in the community worth considering. more »»

Successfully navigate holiday season with Apps

November 1, 2016 It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the busiest, especially for parents of young children. There are parties and decorations, meals and charity events. And, of course, the gifts. more »»

The Right to Education: Local task force helps guide families with special needs children

November 1, 2016 Anna Gibboney of Williamsburg turned to the Local Task Force for the Right to Education when she needed help for her son Danny, who has fine motor skill issues due to premature birth. more »»

Program mandated by law

November 1, 2016 Not only is the Right to Education Task Force a good idea, it’s mandated by law. more »»

Makeovers What to wear

November 1, 2016 Want to hit the right notes in this season’s fashions? Stylists, consultants and area fashion merchandisers offered insights on this season’s hottest looks and how to wear the. more »»



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