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Texty pearls of wisdom: Mom crafts fun, to-the-point book for grads

May 2, 2016 NEW YORK — Becky Blades wrote her oldest daughter a letter after she left home for college offering all the advice and words of wisdom she wished she had dispensed beforehand. more »»

CDC says teens with sleep issues more often take dangerous risks

May 2, 2016 NEW YORK — High school students who get too little sleep— or too much — are also more likely to drive drunk or take other risks, according to government researchers. more »»

The art of the deal: Can game theory help parents?

April 29, 2016 NEW YORK -- Game theory, a branch of mathematics dealing with strategic thinking, has been applied to scenarios of war, business and biolog. more »»

Dog's microchip helps police return wandering toddler home

April 21, 2016 WENTZVILLE, Mo. (AP) - A family dog and a fast-thinking officer are credited with helping to get a Missouri toddler who wandered away from home back to safety. more »»

How will your teen get to prom?

April 15, 2016 NEW YORK — Prom is as much about the journey as it is the dance, so how will all those teens heading into the annual rite of spring handle their wheels? Limos and charter party buses may still be... more »»

White House to tackle chronic absenteeism in schools

February 22, 2016 WASHINGTON — The White House is hoping that caring mentors will help stop students from skipping school. more »»

More grandparents taking on parental role

February 22, 2016 CHICAGO — When Debra Aldridge became her grandson’s primary caregiver, she was making $7.50 per hour as a cook. The alternative for the newborn, she was told, was to put him up for adoptio. more »»

Study examines infants born by C-section

February 15, 2016 WASHINGTON — Sharing bacteria in the operating room normally is a no-no but in a novel experiment, researchers are giving babies born by C-section a dose of presumably protective germs from mom’s... more »»

Right at home: New nursery trends decor add style

February 15, 2016 Baby, it’s a brand new year. And when it comes to creating the perfect sleep space for little ones, there are more fun options than ever. Styles range from haute to homespun, vintage to vanguard. more »»

Teamwork works: Area coach pens book aimed at kids of all ages

February 1, 2016 It’s rare that a book that appeals to both little children and older teens. more »»

Calendar of Events

February 1, 2016 For many, winter isn’t a favorite time of year in Blair County…especially those with children. Sure, there’s the snow days spent sledding and the trips to Slinky or Chuck . more »»

Not just scribbles: How tots learn text is symbolic

February 1, 2016 WASHINGTON — Celebrate your child’s scribbles. more »»

Dental firsts: Take your child to a dentist when his first tooth emerges

February 1, 2016 It’s usually not hard for parents to know when to take their kids to the first primary care doctor visit because most children start seeing a pediatrician shortly after birth. more »»

Five top battles: Disarm skirmishes with example and follow-through

February 1, 2016 Tiffany Settle of Altoona describes herself as a short order cook for her two semi-picky daughters. more »»

Nutritious, delicious

February 1, 2016 By the time many of you Mirror Moms lay eyes on this article, I will hopefully be laying eyes on my new bundle of joy. My husband and I are expecting our first baby this month — February of 201. more »»

A bit of paradise stateside: Marco Island, Fla.

February 1, 2016 If you’re looking for paradise, but don’t feel like packing a passport, head to Marco Island, a tiny island on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida. more »»

Super Hero Day is March 20th

February 1, 2016 Meet your favorite characters at the Blair County Convention Center By Kristy MacKaben For Mirror Moms With “Star War” mania still in full tilt, the pack of Stormtroopers planning to march around th... more »»

In Omaha, and much of US, debate over sex education rages on

January 18, 2016 OMAHA, Nebraska — Rival factions yelling at one another amid angry pushing. Tirades about condoms, and claims of misinformation. more »»

Average age of new US moms at all-time high, now over 26

January 14, 2016 NEW YORK — The average age of first-time mothers is at an all-time high in the U.S — over 26. The change is largely due to a big drop in teen moms. more »»



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