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Frame your life

January 15, 2018
Mirror Moms

Get those pictures off your phone and into some creative frames

Pedestal Frame

Give your pics a lift with a candlestick holder

What You Need:

Candlestick holder

Picture frame

Hot glue

Estimated Cost: $3

Hot glue the base of the picture frame to the top of the candlestick holder.

If you can't find a holder that matches your frame, you can spray paint it to match.

Multi-Frame Wall Art

Why hang several pictures on your wall when you can hang just one!

What You Need:

Multiple frames of the same size

Hot glue

Wood slats

Estimated Cost: $8

This craft can go in multiple directions. You can use preframed pictures or use your own pictures.

All you need to do is lineup and hot glue the frames together to make one big piece of wall art.

For extra support, you can hot glue wood slats to the back.

Snowflake Frame

This little frame can help keep the snow around all year long!

What You Need:

Silver picture frame

Hot glue

Paint brush

Snowflake stickers

Mini Styrofoam balls

Small paper bag

Estimated Cost: $4

Fill the small paper bag with the styrofoam balls and set aside.

Squirt a few drops of hot glue on one side of the frame. Quickly spread the hot glue with the paintbrush then dip the frame into the bag of styrofoam balls. Do this with each side of the frame before attaching some snowflake stickers.

Kristin Seiler, 36, is mother to her son, Gabriel,7, and two step children; Morgan, 18, and Nick, 15. She also is the Practice Development Representative for Lemme Audiology Associates in Altoona. Her husband, Bob, 43, is a Paramedic with AMED. The family lives in Hollidaysburg with their dogs Pogo and Bambi.



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